Episode 60: Getting X Rated

As we hit our 60th episode we take some time to get caught up on all we’ve missed. We get deep with all the Batman silliness, talk our hopes for Aquaman and discuss the Xmen Movie-verse as Logan bears down on us and Legion takes us on a trip.



Episode 59: That Wookie Needs Pants

This episode we say goodbye to a princess and hello to 2017. Big spoiler chat for Rogue One inside, be warned.


Episode 46: The Movie With a Mouth

Deadpool has risen and it is good. We take a visit to Earth-2 and like what we see and talk the impending Flash/Supergirl crossover. The final trailer for BvS drops and we are mighty pleased at what we see.


Episode 42: Nogcast 2 – Thicker and Creamier

As Christmas nears so does the annual Nogcast. In this extra large episode we talk about the Nogcast’s of years past, all the juicy nerd news we can find and do a healthy runs down of Attack on Titan for those that are fans.


Episode 38: The Grayson of it All

This week Star Wars mania has truly awakened, we talk the goings on of our favourite comic based TV series including: Walking Dead, Arrow and Flash. We also get a very surprising interpretation of The Dark Knight Returns from one of our hosts.

Episode 37: The Butterfly Scare

This week we track out into the wilderness of the courtyard to have a chat about the premier episodes of Flash and Arrow, the changes taking place in the bat universe and all the rumours fit to print!


Episode 36.1: A Song of Spoilers and Speculations

For this first in a series of special episodes we discuss the phenomenon that is Game of Thrones now that Fatboy has taken some time off from fighting food crime to catch up. Spoilers are in bountiful supply for this episode so be wary.