Episode 60: Getting X Rated

As we hit our 60th episode we take some time to get caught up on all we’ve missed. We get deep with all the Batman silliness, talk our hopes for Aquaman and discuss the Xmen Movie-verse as Logan bears down on us and Legion takes us on a trip.



Episode 59: That Wookie Needs Pants

This episode we say goodbye to a princess and hello to 2017. Big spoiler chat for Rogue One inside, be warned.


Episode 54: Taut Bat-Butt

This week we are back to business as we talk the BvS Ultimate Edition the the current state of the DC Rebirth-verse. Spoilers, we don’t like one of them.


Episode 51: Toilet Training Baby Darkside

This week we wrap on Flash, Arrow and Legends finale as well as the beginning of a new age in Rebirth.


Episode 49.1: A Feast of Bros

We return for the second part of our Game of Thrones special episodes. We get caught up on the characters we missed last time as well as look ahead to the new series. We also find time to talk about some important factoids from the books that will play a big roll in the series as we push.


Episode 49: DC Comics Afterbirth

With the Rebirth of the DC universe coming up, we dip into all the titles and news that has been announced. For the first time ever on FaCL we also follow through on a promise and do our recaps of both Daredevil Season 2 and Walking Dead.


Episode 47: Marvel Manslaughter

This week we talk about the BvS directors cut getting an R rating, who is and is not a murderer in the MCU and we check in with what is going on in the DC Berlanti-verse.