Episode 59: That Wookie Needs Pants

This episode we say goodbye to a princess and hello to 2017. Big spoiler chat for Rogue One inside, be warned.



Episode 58: Nogcast 3 – With 20% More Dried Egg Powder

We catch up over a crisp glass of egg nog and catch up on all the news we missed through the year.


Episode 57: Old Man Llama

This week we catch up with Attack on Titan, talk comics and Logan and Guardians teasers.


Episode 50: Video For Your Ears

All the sweet audio content from our 50th without the chore of looking at our faces. We talk Civil War, Doctor Strange and Rogue One Trailer as well as all the comic news we could fit into 20 minutes.


Episode 37: The Butterfly Scare

This week we track out into the wilderness of the courtyard to have a chat about the premier episodes of Flash and Arrow, the changes taking place in the bat universe and all the rumours fit to print!


Episode 33: Reed Richards has no Butthole

With the release of the new Fantastic Four and Justice League: Gods and Monsters we have plenty to talk about this week. So tune in and find out what we think of these two new releases.


Episode 31: E3-qual

This week on FaCL we are talking E3 news and our first impressions of Arkham Knight. We also get into some BvS rumours and talk All-New, All-Different Marvel.