Episode 58: Nogcast 3 – With 20% More Dried Egg Powder

We catch up over a crisp glass of egg nog and catch up on all the news we missed through the year.



Episode 51: Toilet Training Baby Darkside

This week we wrap on Flash, Arrow and Legends finale as well as the beginning of a new age in Rebirth.


Episode 47: Marvel Manslaughter

This week we talk about the BvS directors cut getting an R rating, who is and is not a murderer in the MCU and we check in with what is going on in the DC Berlanti-verse.


Episode 46: The Movie With a Mouth

Deadpool has risen and it is good. We take a visit to Earth-2 and like what we see and talk the impending Flash/Supergirl crossover. The final trailer for BvS drops and we are mighty pleased at what we see.


Episode 45: DC’s Llamas of Tomorrow

The return of Flash, Arrow and Supergirl gives us plenty to talk about as well as the beginning of a little show called DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.


Episode 42: Nogcast 2 – Thicker and Creamier

As Christmas nears so does the annual Nogcast. In this extra large episode we talk about the Nogcast’s of years past, all the juicy nerd news we can find and do a healthy runs down of Attack on Titan for those that are fans.


Episode 40: AKA Butt Stuff

This week we take a look at Marvels Jessica Jones and DKIII as well as taking a stroll into the DC TV-verse.