Episode 60: Getting X Rated

As we hit our 60th episode we take some time to get caught up on all we’ve missed. We get deep with all the Batman silliness, talk our hopes for Aquaman and discuss the Xmen Movie-verse as Logan bears down on us and Legion takes us on a trip.



Episode 58: Nogcast 3 – With 20% More Dried Egg Powder

We catch up over a crisp glass of egg nog and catch up on all the news we missed through the year.


Episode 31: E3-qual

This week on FaCL we are talking E3 news and our first impressions of Arkham Knight. We also get into some BvS rumours and talk All-New, All-Different Marvel.

Episode 24: Uniting The Grey Scale

This week we catch up on the latest Flash and Arrow episodes as well as predict where the shows can go too from here, discuss the latest trial in Bruce Wayne’s life in Batman #39, Will gives his very poor summary of Attach on Titan and we pick apart the Aquaman reveal.



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