Episode 36.1: A Song of Spoilers and Speculations

For this first in a series of special episodes we discuss the phenomenon that is Game of Thrones now that Fatboy has taken some time off from fighting food crime to catch up. Spoilers are in bountiful supply for this episode so be wary.



Episode 36: Captain Llama – Terminator of Ignorance

This week we talk the latest movies rumours regarding the blue and the gold, whats going on in the trailers for Arrow and Flash and make some super inappropriate jokes about our favourite Batman creator.


Episode 35: Our Brains are Arkham Knight on PC. Broken.

This week a very precious Fatboy and Captain Llama bring the noise and the funk as we talk all the news around Arrow season 4. We also have another good chat regarding casting for BvS, Walking Dead and Flash. We also managed to get some comic talk in there also.