Episode 26.1 & 27: Double Feature

Double feature this week! First up we have episode 26.1 where we finally deliver on our promise to do an overview of Batman Eternal (spoilers a plenty)

Second we have Episode 27, This week we breakdown the BvS teaser and talk all the leaks taking place currently. We catch up with Arrow, Flash and Walking dead, give our review of the new Batman vs Robin animated movie and talk a disappointing end to a favourite hero


Episode 26: Fatboy and Captain Llama – Year One

It’s hear FaCL fans! This episode marks one full year of podcasting and as a result we give you and oversized episode full of nerdy good bits. This week we spin a yarn about the year that was and delve deep into the penultimate issue of Eternal, talk about who is coming to the party in all-new all-different Avengers and talk at length about the last few weeks of Arrow and Flash. So tune in and enjoy!



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